Labib Saleh

Labib Saleh

PCBA Design Professional

An innovative and results-driven professional with over 8 years of experience in PCBA Design (SMT Stencils and Fixtures/Pallets), customer service and leadership! I always focus on achieving exceptional results in such highly competitive environment demanding continuous improvement. With my rich experience in handling different activities of FCT Assembly, I always ensure that clear objectives and expectations are delivered and maintained through developing and tracking key performance metrics! Currently I'm working as a freelancer providing design services for companies in this industry!

Selective posts I wrote about SMT industry:
   • Component dimensions can be a guide for the right stencil design!
   • Solder Paste Types and Performance

My Skills Interpretation!

High Technical Support
Operational Excellence
Process Optimization
Sales & Oper. Reporting
Business Planning
Team Improvement

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Work Experience

FCT Assembly - Elreha EMS
  • Root Cause Analysis Engineer
    Jul 2014 - Oct 2015

    Remarkably improved efficiency in all facets of Technical Support for end customers through a process to define the defects they face and initiate an analytical procedure to provide solutions via stencil design. Initiated a project to enhance company processes which resulted in improved internal processes, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing replaced products due to defects from 47 to 18.
    • Exercise solutions oriented approach in identifying root cause of production yield problems and resolving using custom designs.
    • Applied sharp analytical abilities in reviewing and updating standard design guidelines based on new requirements.
    • Personally accountable for providing design consultations for customers.
    • Pivotal in developing, executing, monitoring and implementing service strategies while ensuring compliance with customer procedures.
    • Utilizing 8D tool to resolve problems and ensure corrective and preventive actions.
    • Gained invaluable experience in using process maps to address any gaps in how we do things and implement improvements as needed.

  • Customer Support Engineer
    Dec 2010 - Apr 2014

    Holds credential of building an instant feedback system for employees to contribute in betterment of everyday work and overall performance. Pioneer in developing the company’s ERP system with leaned methodology for performing tasks in less steps.
    • Provide supervision for order handling, including checking PCB files to make sure all requirements were provided for CAD and production teams.
    • Establish strong record in technical design support for customers.
    • Primarily tasked with processing customers’ orders, follow-up on orders’ placement, shipping, and provided needed documentation to customers.
    • Responsible for building and analyzing orders and customer trend reports for making Customer Service & Sales decisions.
    • Established a procedure to track couriers missed shipments and get credit back.

  • CAD Engineer
    Jul 2008 - Dec 2010

    Recognized for developing FLSCA tool which created a calculator-free workplace and saved tremendous time- single click for any design dimensions/formula needed. Having credential of hitting 370 orders target (highest number by other CAD members through 7 years was 280).
    • SMT stencil design for PCB assembly
    • Suggest aperture design to customers for best production yields
    • QC designs of non-senior CAD engineers
    • Training responsibilities for newly hired designers


  • B.Sc, Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
    2002 - 2008

    ECE is about emphasizing the application of microcomputers to the solution of industrial problems. Outcomes of the program includes but not limited to: Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering. Ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.

  • Managerial Leadership - 63 Hours Diploma
    Mar 2014 - Aug 2014

    Managerial Leadership diploma equips leaders with the main skills and tools to outperform in workplace, like emotional and social intelligence, strategy-focused management, corporate therapy, optimizing processes, developing actions plans, and performance management

My Desktop Application Projects

  • Developed FLSCA tool which created a calculator-free workplace and saved tremendous time; single click for any design dimensions/formula needed
  • Built a reporting tool to register team tasks duration and generate reports to use for time management
  • Built an instant feedback system for employees to contribute in betterment of everyday work and overall performance
  • Built an all in one tool to help customer service team doing their order processing tasks quickly and accurately
  • Built a follow up system for customer service team to prevent design delay and missed shipments

My Web Application Projects

  • Operational Reporting System; log all daily incidents and follow up process to eliminate their causes.
  • Orders Tracking System; store all customers' orders along with the files and customer's design criteria.
  • CAD Reporting System; track all CAD orders and duration consumed to help estimating capacity, CAD training needs or evaluating customer complexity.

Operational Planning and Process Improvement Projects

  • Enhancing Customer Experience Plan, by evaluating current service level provided and set a solid plan to improve it.
  • Developing the company's ERP System, by improving its functionality and performing tasks in less steps.
  • Company's Business Plan, setting strategic goals and defining KPIs to measure performance and ensure meeting goals.
  • Planning for the process of acquiring other companies to ensure smooth transition through building forms, tools and guide teams of both companies.


  • Vicki Hamada
    President, Advanced Tooling Design

    In all of my years in this industry, Labib is one of the few people that I consider myself fortunate to have worked with. Labib is a major contributor in the successful growth of Fine Line Stencil. Labib's talents and work ethics goes beyond the normal platitudes of "Well Organized...easy to work with, etc." Labib listens to and appreciates the needs of our customers. I also appreciate his sense of humor.

  • Chris Lawson
    President, FCT Water

    Labib is a very dependable and hard working person. He has very strong attention to details and is also very thorough. He is a great asset or the key when helping with process flow. He is also very friendly, but professional about his work. The next team that get's him will be very lucky.

  • Mike Scimeca
    President, FCT Assembly

    Labib is one of the strongest engineers that ever worked for FCT Assembly. This group gets better and better. Good work Labib.

  • Firas Daghmash
    Operations Manager, Elreha EMS

    I had the pleasure of working with Labib for seven years in which I was very impressed with his creativity and attention to the details, which kept him distinguished all the time. Labib is truly a talented professional, he always filled any role or position assigned to him and always exceeded the expectations. I believe that Labib would be an asset to any company and we were lucky to have him part of our team.

  • Arun S Ram
    Quality Manager, Danaher Corporation

    Labib had worked with me on stencil orders for Surface Mount Process.He had been an excellent and dependable resource taking ownership at every instance and meeting deadlines as expected.I would recommend him for any customer facing roles that needs technical expertise.

  • Tony Lentz
    Field Application Engineer, FCT Assembly

    Labib is very sharp and is a critical thinker. He has the ability to analyze complex data and suggest improvements to a process, in a short time frame. Labib is very easy to work with and is a good communicator. I look forward to our continued work together.

  • Patricia Quinones
    Sales, Fine Line Stencil

    Labib is a very smart, talented and detail oriented Senior Engineer that digs deep into our Root Cause Analysis issues. I very much enjoy reading his reports as do our customers!

  • Greg Smith
    Technical Sales, FCT Assembly

    Labib is a thorough, focused engineer committed to solving customer's yield issues. He is dedicated to continually learning and applying newly acquired knowledge to the issues at hand. He is courteous, honest and committed to the FCT Assembly team.

  • Ali Harris
    IT Consultant, Technical Framework

    Labib and I both provided services to a nationwide manufacturer of circuit board technology. During our collaboration, I found Labib to be extremely dedicated, hard working, and courteous, with special attention to detail and leadership.

  • Joe Azevedo
    Sales, A-Laser

    Labib has great skills in organization and follows through so customer satisfaction is first. I have had many opportunities to work with him and have complete confidence in his ability to manage accounts.

  • Mohammed Ghazi
    CAD Team Leader, HTT (Fine Line Stencil)

    I have worked with Labib for about 4 years, he proved himself in every position he got, and He is one of the smartest people I've ever met, hard worker and finally a great boss. I’m pretty sure that the next company gets him will be so lucky.

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Component dimensions can be a guide for the right stencil design!

SMT defects can sometimes be so complicated that none of the changes made to the production line fix them, and may end up having your re-work station fully booked fixing every single board! But the solution sometimes is not within the production line settings, another item may fix the defect for good; which is the well-designed stencil! And by well-designed I mean to perform an analysis for the defect in order to determine the right aperture size, and not to just apply a blind design!

One of the defects I worked on was bridging at a SOIC, customer tried to change the printer settings and reflow profile but both changes didn’t help, then they had their stencil house re-cut a new stencil with extra width and length reduction, but they had bridging again! That’s what I call a blind design!

When I analyzed the defect, I found the problem was due to size mismatch between the SMT land pads and component dimensions, as shown in Figure1, which has two issues; the size of the SMT pad versus lead feet, and the center point of the pads and feet, they had the SMT pads shifted outward!

The first stencil caused so much paste released at the toe end of the lead which caused bridging at reflow, and the second stencil did the same!! Although extra reduction was applied but it didn't address the cause of the defect, and hence it didn't help! Figure2 below shows the design of the first and second stencils compared to the component feet; it's clear that both stencils release too much paste at the toe ends!

Such defect can almost be never fixed through stencil design without checking the component dimensions and comparing that to the SMT pad design in order to determine the root cause of the defect and apply the right reduction to the stencil aperture! For this defect, the component dimensions were the guide to design the stencil as shown in Figure3, where the apertures were centered to the component feet and not the SMT pads to ensure uniform wetting at both toe and heal edges of the leads (This was for a tin lead solder paste, different consideration to be taken for lead free as it doesn't wet the SMT pads as good!)

Stencils can truly help fixing most of the defects happen at production line, but only when designed right after a thorough analysis, and one of the aspects to look at is the component dimensions!